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An envious collection of art and antiques finds a home in every possible corner of the Art House. However, a revelation unfolds further – when light is used dramatically, the interior of the home turns into a real life chiaroscuro painting, transforming itself into just like one of the works it houses.

The crux of the building takes on a rectangular form, with no patterns or details, except simple borders shaped around the rectangular windows. All these are enveloped in a singular grey tone, giving the exterior a clean finish. Large openings invite abundant natural light into the interior spaces, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Their unobtrusive presence enhances the building's connection to its surroundings, allowing residents to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Art installations adorn not only across the interiors of the home, but also transcend across to the outer frontal structure of the building for the public eye to see. A new work of art is unintentionally created when playful figures placed in the corners and trims of the building convert the blank exterior into a real life canvas.

In various areas of the house, lighting is carefully crafted by deliberately subduing it to add depth and drama, creating an atmosphere of intimacy for residents to immerse in an ambiance of artistic contemplation and introspection. Additionally, a striking resemblance to that of a chiaroscuro painting is created, where bold shadows dance across the walls and provide a sense of allure. Inadvertently, such a lulling environment unintentionally also slows down one’s pace of life, allowing them to be completely removed from the fast-paced hustles of modern life.

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