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A bare, naked traverse along the home grounds honours its occupants the opportunity to be in an open space without their privacy compromised, thus birthing an innovative approach to spatial design.

The building is enveloped in a layer of glass featuring intricate block patterns, serving as a shield against passing onlookers. This layer consists of multiple glass panels seamlessly integrated to form a cohesive and expansive surface, emphasising the transparency and modernity of the design.

The interior spaces are connected by an open-plan layout that defies conventional hallways. Instead of enclosed corridors, the house introduces open-spaced areas that seamlessly connect one part of the interior to another. These glass panels serve as a shield, allowing occupants to roam freely within the comforts of their home while maintaining a sense of privacy and openness. This design strategy not only enhances the flow and connectivity of the space but also maximises natural light and views, creating a dynamic and inviting living environment.

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