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Towering screens emulate a painting in the medium of a folded paper fan, transforming the facade into a canvas of nature's beauty, while concrete interiors exude modernity and spaciousness, balanced by warm wood accents and celestial skylights.

With the sides of the home being completely blank and undecorated, it is no doubt that the centrepiece of this house is the enormous screen that covers almost the entirety of the front of the building. These screens are split into a few long surfaces, all placed strategically to face each other inwards or outwards, in different angles, appearing like a folded paper fan.

The primary use of concrete in the interior spaces serves as a primary structural and aesthetic element, which adds a sense of solidity and modernity to it. Its raw texture and industrial charm creates an illusion of space, further expanding the already wide area the house is bestowed with.

Wood panels gracing the floor and the ceiling run together in the same direction, making the area feel longer and deeper. This warmth that is derived from the wood also helps to balance the coolness of the concrete and elevates comfort and cosiness. The strategic placement of windows on the ceiling allows for the resident to experience the never ending vastness of the sky without having to leave the comforts of their own homes.

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