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The purposeful delegation of space inside, including a unique loft-style master bedroom on the second floor, challenges the modest and compact appearance of this double story semi-detached Nyonya style home.

A comfortable living room, characterised by neutral whitish grey tones, is only a stone’s throw away from the kitchen that sits conveniently in between the former and the dining table. The dining table sits gracefully at the end of the first floor, accompanied by a ceiling that sits higher than the rest of the level, with tall, bordered windows allowing an array of sunlight to glisten into the house.

The second floor reveals an interesting approach to curved roofs. The bedroom features a spiral staircase that leads to the additional loft within it, entering into a private study space with natural sunlight entering from above the curved roofs. This design capitalises on the arched ceilings made possible by the shape of the roof and expands the verticality of the home, thus turning it into a more functional and dynamic space.

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Channel News Asia - proud to design the home for Rebecca Lim