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An industrial-like residential space is birthed as the concrete walls, coupled with light, muted wooden floors, serve as home to a range of furniture that complement with one another.

The primary use of concrete walls add an industrial yet refined touch to the space, contributing to its modern and minimalist ambiance. The use of concrete not only provides a sense of solidity and permanence but also adds texture and visual interest to the interiors. Despite the absence of vibrant colours, these walls are still enlivened by the sunlight that streams in from the large floor to ceiling windows, casting warm hues and dynamic shadows throughout the space.

The house boasts a curved staircase that slithers from one floor to the other, appearing in a U-shape when looked down upon from above. It illuminates light from below its handles and exudes an ethereal feeling when one descends down the stairs.

In the master bedroom, an unorthodoxly positioned bathtub sits in between a large window and the bed, providing a refreshing view of the outdoor scenery on one side, and a grand look of the interior bedroom on the other as one bathes. The lack of dividers prompts an open-spaced bathing experience that is unconventional, but nevertheless deserving of one's consideration.

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