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Edmund Ng Architects is happy to have recently completed project in Marina Bay Sands was Kwanpen's flagship store. Roughly 4000 square feet, the store was designed to fit the contemporary image of a bespoke brand. The detailing of the interior was  earnestly conceptualised with no details left untouched.

Aligned with the brand's image as a contemporary powerhouse with a rich heritage, the usage of clean symmetrical lines with curated lightings create a futuristic yet affluent atmosphere. Using lustrous and speculative material for the exterior design help to bring across a luxurious look, while the usage of full glass panels allow passer-by to have a luminous look of the bespoke leather products.

The combination of the glossy ivory marble and the metallic gold plates complement each other - a reminder of the brand's rich heritage and carefully crafted goods. With the use of bright white lights, the calvary of leather goods are clearly highlighted and emphasised. With the deliberate use of neutral toned carpets, the flagship store is filled with a modern, edgy vibe.

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