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This recently completed 6000 square feet luxury residence at the Ritz Carlton features a clean yet striking design scheme. Edmund Ng has re-configured, designed, decorated and furnished this penthouse into a look that encapsulates the essence of the iconic Ritz Carlton Residence’s brand.

As per the owner’s request, the abode is decorated with a mix of both modern and traditional elements, an eclectic style that is both inviting and cutting-edge. Elegant arm chairs are set against stylish art installations, creating an air of charm and sophistication. It balances the old with the new to create an aesthetically pleasing residence that exudes taste and luxury.

Although the colour palette is kept to minimal greys, whites and creams, there is an occasional splash of green that catches your eye in the form of lush potted plants. They bring a sense of life to the space, making it seem not only refined but also warm and comforting.

Plenty of natural lighting filters in through the large windows and balconies, lending to this sense of warmth and life. And when it begins to get dark out, the unique lighting features within the residence themselves give off a warm and gentle light, keeping the place cosy both day and night.

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