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Horizontal House- Swiss Club Road

A subtle interplay of light and shadow emerges as sleek, timber screens adorn the upper floor, filtering sunlight and enhancing privacy, while a deliberate contrast between black and white facades creates a sense of drama and prominence within the landscape.

Designed to provide shade and privacy, these screens filter sunlight while allowing natural ventilation to flow freely throughout the interior spaces. This dual-purpose design enhances the comfort of the upper floors, and is also heavily contrasted by the openness of the ground floor.

The second and third floors are in black, creating a heavier and more pronounced appearance to the structure, while the first floor is adorned in white, evoking a feeling of openness and lightness. Tall windows punctuate the white facade of the first floor, creating a striking visual contrast against the dark upper levels. This creates an illusion that the structure is deliberately elevated, hence adding a sense of drama and prominence to its overall presence within the landscape.

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