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The slim, modest structure of the Screen House, characterised by concrete and boldly outlined windows and screens, create a deceiving illusion that the home merely extends vertically in space. Unbeknownst to the mere eye, only those who physically enter the building can gauge for themselves how deep it actually runs into the landscape.

The humble, block-like structure stands still vertically and appears to float above ground. Merely supported by two strong pillars in the front, the ground floor is widely untouched and serves as a large carport. To make way for ample space there, what is left for the interior on the first floor is pushed further into the depths of the land.

The front of the building is evenly split into two worlds - the man-made left, consisting of glass windows and privacy blinds, and the natural right, plain and simple with just concrete. These two components put together create a thoughtful integration of traditional architectural elements with contemporary design principles.

A consistent yet luscious mix of materials are used to adorn the interior. Tall, built-in shelves are graced in black to seemingly replace its walls. Warm wood dominates most of the floor space, creating a cosy environment for residents to dwell in. A mix of white and concrete walls complement the rest of the space, giving it a clean touch.

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