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The muted apartment features various shades and styles of wood, all for various purposes, thus emphasising their aesthetic appeal, overall versatility individually and with respect to the rest of the house.

The living room, along with the dining area, shares a gentle wood accent wall that serves as a backdrop for showcasing art pieces, providing a neutral yet sophisticated canvas that allows the artwork to take centre stage. The wood accent wall complements the marble tiles, adding warmth and texture to the space while creating a cohesive visual narrative.

Across the rooms, art pieces slowly integrate into the space, revealing the residents’ appreciation for the arts. A narrow hallway sandwiched by two large dark wooden inbuilt storage cupboards enters into a toilet. The toilet faces a large glass panel that opens up to a private open space, allowing for one to experience the comfort of nature. A private study area is also tucked away at the corner of the unit, surrounded by black wood that encourages focus and attention.

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