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The open-spaced concept encourages fluid interaction among employees, facilitating effective teamwork and communication. Complementing this, a slim overhead window on the roof brings in natural light, further brightening the space inside and bringing life to it.

Adorning the walls are captivating stamp labels representing various countries, serving as a visual tribute to the centre's global reach and specialisation in hotel sector training. These labels not only add a touch of cultural diversity but also highlight the company's relevance and impact on an international scale.

Flexible meeting rooms are created using makeshift dividers, allowing for adaptable configurations based on the needs of different teams and projects. These versatile spaces promote collaboration and facilitate productive discussions in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

Adding a whimsical touch to the workspace are features from different countries, such as a UK telephone booth-shaped room, offering a unique and fun setting for focused work or private calls. This playful element enhances the overall ambiance of the office, infusing it with creativity and personality.

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