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With careful attention paid to the direction of the home, the Twin House features a special, additional feature that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Residents are able to comfortably engage with the large balcony and tall windows during any time of the day without being affected by the harsh sunlights that characterise our tiny island.

On the first floor, the interior is flushed with imported travertine marble floorings and Italian-style furnishings, indulging its residents in a foreign feel while at home. The large built-in floor-to-ceiling shelf situated behind an office desk, enhanced with integrated lighting, is proudly displayed in the master bedroom on the second floor.

The interplay between cool tones and warm tones, as seen from the warm wooden floors and cool toned fabrics that are extensively used, creates a harmonic environment that is essential to complete the house. Grey marble tilings also adorn all possible surfaces of the master bedroom toilet, creating a seamless environment for one to dwell in.

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