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Cool and warm tones strategically coexist within the interior spaces of this showflat. Coupled with the abundance of built-in light features, a further sense of splendour is presented across the apartment.

The colour palette is subdued in areas of relaxation, such as the living room and bedrooms, through the use of neutral tones such as soft greys, cool creams, creating a sense of calm and peace. These neutral hues are complemented by accents of dark grey pillows or whites and golds as seen in display objects. Warm tones are also artfully added into the scene, on the floor and in the lights.

A private reading corner sits within the living space. Its dark wood walls surround the space, and coupled with a bunch of warm coloured display objects, one can further immerse themselves into the world of words. While one might lament that the reading corner appears too big, they have yet to become aware of the hidden mattress that tucks away into the dark walls. This transforms the reading corner into a multifunctional space that can easily adapt to guests who wish to stayover and need a space to sleep.

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