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The whitish-grey hues that dominate the interior exude a sense of lightness and purity, creating an airy and serene atmosphere within the space.

An extensive use of whitish-grey furniture in the living room sets the tone for a contemporary and comforting experience. To complement this palette, some tinges of black are introduced in other furniture pieces, adding depth and contrast to the overall composition. This strategic use of colour creates a harmonious balance and visual delight, ensuring that the space is not overly monochromatic.

A tall built-in shelf takes advantage of the high ceilings, maximising vertical space, while maintaining a sense of openness and airiness. By covering only a small, slim portion of the wall, the built-in shelf avoids overwhelming the space and creates a feeling of expansiveness. This design approach minimises clutter and promotes a sense of visual lightness, while still allowing its residents to let their personal displays shine.

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